Email Client

Version 1.0


Email Client is a simple SMTP email client for Windows developed by 2RC Software. The email utility is useful for diagnosing email SMTP setting issues and working out connectivity problems.

2RC Software - Email Client


  • Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Internet Provider (IP) account (username/password) and access to your IP's SMTP server.

Quick Start

  1. Download and install 2RC Software's Email Client.
  2. Add configuration details in the "Setup" tab.
  3. Create an email in the "Create" tab and press the Send button.


Before sending an email provide setup information in the Setup tab. The information you enter is persistent - it will be "remembered" even after you close the application and run it later.

Note: Before installing a new updated version, note the settings. They may need to be re-entered with some updates.

Email Client - Setup

  • From: The email address that the recipient will see as the sender. The From address can be written as an email address (eg. or in a "Name <address>" form (eg. 2RC Software <>). This is a required field.
  • Server: The URL of your facility's or Internet Service Provider's SMTP server. The SMTP server's URL often starts with "smtp" or "mail". For example: "" or "".
  • Port: The port required to communicate with the SMTP server. This value is often 25 but may be different.
  • Authentication required: In most cases, using an SMTP server to send an email requires that you have an account with the server provider and that the account credentials be provided in order to use the SMTP server. Check this setting and then provide your account Username and Password.
  • Username: Your account username.
  • Password: Your account password.
  • Signature: The text you enter in the signature field will automatically be added to the end of your email body. It can contain text and common html codes such as <strong>, <img...> and <a href=...>
    For example:

    John Smith

    <strong>MyCo Inc.</strong>
    <a href=""></a>
    m: 519-555-1234
    <img src="" alt="MyCo Logo">
  • Create an Email

    To send an email you will minimally need to provide an address in the "To" field. Carbon Copy (CC) and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) are optional. The To, CC, and BCC addresses can be written as an email address (eg. or in a "Name <address>" form (eg. John Smith ). Separate multiple addresses with a comma (,) or semi-colon (;).

    2RC Software - Email Client

    In most cases you will leave the HTML checkbox checked. When checked, your body and signature can contain common HTML codes to provide basic formatting such as bolding. Carriage returns and line feeds created by pressing the <Enter> key will automatically be converted to the <br> HTML code when Send is pressed.

    Press the Send button to send the email to the specified recipients.

    Common Errors

    Common errors you may see:

    Email Client - Access Denied Error Message

    When you see the words "Access Denied" it is likely the authentication credentials you have supplied in the Setup tab are incorrect. Check that the username is correct and re-enter the password (double-check the Caps-Lock state!)

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